AWIO #5 – High Heels and Drawstring Waists

It’s Friday, which means it’s A Week In Outfits Day #5!
This outfit was mostly inspired by my need to wear these trousers again, and these shiny shoes catching my eye.

I got these brown and green patterned trousers from Zara a few years ago.
I think they’re a really unique piece, I love the drawstring waist as it cinches you in in just the right place and the thin fabric makes them a Spring/Summer wardrobe staple.

I’m wearing a basic black t-shirt and my favourite faux-leather Topshop jacket with silver studs.
The necklace I’m wearing belonged to my Nan, I wanted to tie it in with the silver detailing theme.
I also decided to go for natural make-up.

My silver court heels are from Dorothy Perkins.
These do pinch my feet a bit so I don’t wear them for prolonged periods of time, but I think they really set off this look for a sophisticated evening out.
I like that it’s a mottled silver, so that they look bright white in some lights.

So I hope you liked AWIO #5!
Only a few days left of my daily outfit posts, click on the links below to see what you’ve missed so far this week:
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Be sure to let me know what you think, loves x

p.s. 10 out of 10 to you if you spotted the cat in the corner of one of the pictures!


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