Disappointing Products.

A controversial post, I know, but I think it’s important to give a true review of products, especially when the results have been disappointing.
Spending money on a product can seem like a bit of a risk if you don’t know anything about it, or even if you’ve heard a few good reviews; one person’s gem could not work for another person at all.
These are 4 products that, for me, just didn’t work out.

First up is the Loreal True Match Foundation. I actually got recommended this by a friend because she loved it, so I thought I’d give it a try. At first application, I was fairly happy. It’s a medium coverage, liquid foundation which is my usual style. It is very liquid though, not at all creamy like other liquid foundations I’ve used. When I squirted it onto the back of my hand pre-application it swiftly started to trickle off and my outfit barely survived – a word of warning!
For the first few hours of the day I was content, but as time went on the product began to slip off my face and collect in certain areas like around my nose and forehead, until I was left with no make-up around the outside of my face.
I eventually stopped using it after a few days of this and reverted back to my Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ Foundation.

Next is a nail varnish by Technic that I bought from Boohoo. It only cost a couple of pounds, so I’m not exactly heartbroken, but I thought it was worth mentioning as I often pop a few inexpensive items into my basket that soon add up if you’re not careful! This nail varnish, in the shade ‘French Pink‘ is a pretty colour, that could used in a french manicure or just as a sweet baby pink on it’s own.
I expected it to need a couple of coats as it is a very pale shade, but after 3 it starts to get a bit ridiculous when you can still hardly see it. I also found that even after letting it dry for a long time, it would still chip or smudge at the slightest touch. Not worth even a couple of pounds.

If you saw my Boots Haul you’ll know that I bought this Revlon Colourstay Concealer through lack of choice in a poorly stocked store. I was feeling brave and was running dangerously low on concealer so I decided to give this one a try.
It’s an ok concealer, it evens out skin tone alright, but it’s fairly useless when it comes to spots or any obvious blemishes.
It does have my preferred applicator, with a sponge wand tip for easy application. However, I found that the hole to get the brush in and out of the product through was too small; I think the intention was to avoid wasting too much product by getting too much on the brush. For me, though, I found that not enough product came out at one time, so there was a lot of dipping back in, and there was also a high chance of flicking product around as you have to give it a pull to get the brush out.
I think I could have got over these things, and double applied for major blemishes, if it wasn’t for the smell. It smells a bit like gloss paint, very chemical, harsh, and like it might bring tears to your eyes if you’re exposed to it too long. Not really what you want in a product you put on your face!

Lastly, is the Herbal Essences ‘Ignite My Colour’ Dry Shampoo.
I was drawn in by the name, with the idea that if it was going to ‘ignite my colour’, it probably wouldn’t leave behind a nasty white residue that makes it looks like you have dandruff – like a lot of other dry shampoos. I was right! There was no white residue and I guess my colour was ‘ignited’ by the absence of it.
However, the consistency was more like hairspray than dry shampoo. Instead of making my hair feel refreshed, I was tempted to wash it sooner because it made my hair stick together. It seemed more like a styling spray than a dry shampoo.

So those are the 4 products that I was disappointed with.
I hope this was helpful, I tried to find some positives as well as negatives to make it constructive.
Remember that products are different for everyone, you may not get these results, they may be some of your favourite products! Unfortunately, they just didn’t work for me and I won’t be buying them again.

Let me know in the comments if you liked this post and if it was helpful! x

All of the above opinions are my own and are 100% honest.
I apologise if I have caused any offence.

4 thoughts on “Disappointing Products.

  1. Thank you for the honesty!! It’s good to hear real experiences and to know what to look out for. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award, which is for newer bloggers, who are creating great content 🙂 If you’re interested in joining the fun, my most recent post explains it all. Have a lovely day!!


  2. This is great, and I think more of us should do this. I’ve tried some dry shampoo recently that was horrible for me, it made my hair look like I have dandruff!


      1. Salon Grafix; Play it Big. I usually use Dove’s version and love it, but they were sold out. 😔


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