My 10 Biggest Fears!

Today is another 10 Things Thursday!

I thought that today I would go through my 10 Biggest Fears, because these posts are supposed to be a ‘get to know the girl behind the blog’ thing so… here goes…
Oooo it’s making me all nervous just thinking about it!

1.) Nosebleeds
Ok so, it sounds weird I know, but I literally just cannot deal with them. I freak out if anyone even mentions them because I get paranoid that I’ll get one and when I get one I tend to pass out. I’ve just always had this thought that it’s like your brain bleeding and eeuuurgghh ok let’s move on.

2.) Aeroplanes
It’s not so much the aeroplane as in a ‘fear of flying’ or ‘fear of being up high’ it’s the claustrophobia and the sound. I hate the sound on a plane of the wind rushing it just makes me feel so ill. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve vomited on a plane. In fact, I think it’s more than the number of flights I’ve been on because it tends to happen multiple times. I feel ill just being in an airport, or talking about flying. I can’t even watch bits of people’s vlogs on YouTube of their plane taking off or whatever because it literally turns my stomach. Not even sure why because the ‘tin can thousands of feet in mid-air’ bit doesn’t bother me at all. I think it’s feeling trapped and knowing I can’t get off.

3.) Spiders
The way they move. I literally think that’s all I need to say.

4.) Clowns
Who ever thought they were funny? Like, what lunatic thought “I know what would make children burst with joy! How about a grown man in a costume with his face painted in a creepy smile?!” Erm, no.

5.) Werewolves
Another strange one, I think it might come from ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. I always hated the story because of the wolf and I never really understood why it was read to children. But anyway, I used to have a recurring nightmare about this wolf-man, basically just a giant wolf that walked on it’s hind legs and I’d lose my voice and wouldn’t be able to scream for help. Super scary and still gets to me to this day.
If you can’t picture it, the one in my head looks very similar to the one in the Doctor Who episode ‘Tooth & Claw’.

6.) The feeling of being followed/chased
I don’t really think this one needs explaining, but when you were a kid did you ever have your sibling or your friend or someone chase you up the stairs or something as a game? Well, I did, and it terrified me. Just that feeling of dread that maybe you aren’t quick enough. Obviously it was never anyone behind me who would actually hurt me but you know what I mean.

7.) Death
Pretty standard. Life is good and there are lots of people I love and I fear losing them.

8.) Falling
So again, kind of like with the aeroplane thing, I don’t actually have a fear of heights. I’m afraid of falling from them. I can climb ladders and go on rollercoasters and I love them, but ask me to climb down a ladder and it’s an entirely different story. I once got stuck in my boyfriend’s parent’s attic for 20 minutes because I was too scared to climb down in case I fell. Yep.

9.) The Supernatural
I’m the sort of person that can watch films like Saw and Hostel etc, the really gory and gross films that are just violent and be fine. The ‘Saw’ films are some of my favourite films ever. But anything with a ghost or some creepy possessed kid and I am gone. I am so out of there. Not watching that. I guess it’s more a fear of the unexplainable? I don’t like the idea that there could be some truth in it and no one can really prove it. I watched ‘The Grudge 2’ when I was 14 and for the next 3 years I had to lift up my mattress every night before I went to sleep to check it wasn’t under my bed.

10.) Swimming
No, I’m not scared of doing the back stroke. I’m scared of being in the water. I can’t do anything other than paddle. The ocean is the biggest no ever and I can’t go in a swimming pool by myself. I can’t explain it really, I just get terrified that something is in the water with me and I’m not going to be able to get away quick enough. Bleugh.

I don’t know about you, but I am so creeped out right now.
Those are my 10 Biggest Fears. Some fairly normal ones and some incredibly irrational.
I hope I haven’t given anyone nightmares!

Do any of you have these fears?
Let me know in the comments!

I’ll be back next Thursday with another 10 things that don’t make me want to keep checking over my shoulder! x


2 thoughts on “My 10 Biggest Fears!

  1. I feel exactly the same about planes (except I’ve never thrown up which is good as I’m scared of that too!). I’d say I’m glad I’m not the only one but then I’d just rather no-one felt like this so… Sorry for this meaningless comment and I love your blog btw xx


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