Music Monday #5 – Imaginary Future

So this week I thought I’d do something a little different and talk about an artist that I reckon is one to watch in 2015.
Imaginary Future a.k.a Jesse Epstein, is an acoustic folk-pop artist.

Definitely go and check out his album ‘Fire Escape’ by clicking HERE.
I promise you will not be disappointed; his music is so beautiful and soothing.
Such a humble appreciation of love and of life.
I cannot help but recommend someone who’s music has inspired me!

The Thick and the Thin‘ is my current favourite song, but aside from singing the praises of the whole album, I’d recommend listening to ‘April‘ and ‘The Well‘.
The whole album features mesmerising harmonies by Kina Grannis, their connection is so powerful and enchanting, it adds so much more meaning and emotion to every word.

His new album is complete but the release date is yet to be announced – I personally cannot wait! There’s a sneak peak at the track ‘Some Nameless Days’ from his new album HERE.

You can find Imaginary Future on YouTube and Soundcloud – go and have a listen!

My dad and I did a cover of his song ‘I Knew This Would Be Love‘ which you can listen to HERE and be sure to check out the original too!

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