The Liebster Award!

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award!
Thankyou very much to Simona at Pink Urban Butterfly for the nomination!

So I had never heard of the Liebster Award until today, but it’s given by fellow bloggers to ultimately help promote new blogs. The award can only be received by people who have under 200 followers; which is a great idea!

So I have to answer 11 questions put to me by who I was nominated by and then nominate my own blogs to get the award, before asking them a new set of 11 questions.

The questions I was asked by Simona are…

1.) Favourite Make-up brand?
If we’re talking high street, it has to be Soap & Glory. In terms of high-end, it’s really hard but I think I’d have to say Charlotte Tilbury; the matte revolution lipsticks just push her to the top.

2.) Favourite place to be?
Apart from my bed, I don’t really have a favourite place as I believe moments are made by the people you were with not the place you were when they happened. So I’ll just say my bed.

3.) If you could be another person for a day who would you be?
Emma Watson. Because, wow. I’d take so many selfies.

4.) Your favourite book?
This is so hard because I’m such a book worm! But it just has to be Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

5.) Something you can’t live without?
Tea. I pretty much cannot function without a good cup of tea in the morning. How British of me.

6.) Do you have a pet? And if yes, what?
I have a kitten called Phoebe. I made a post about her HERE!

7.) Countries you have visited?
So far I’ve been to Germany, France, Austria, Cyprus, Egypt, Scotland, Wales, Florida (I know it’s not a country) and Greece (Corfu & Crete).

8.) Favourite clothing store?
It’s so hard to pick just one! My current favourite is Missguided, but I did a Top 10 list on my blog, to see that click HERE.

9.) Heels or Sneakers?
Sneakers. No doubt about it.

10.) Favourite Song at the moment?
Ahh this is so difficult! I think I’d have to say ‘The Thick and the Thin’ by Imaginary Future. If you want to know my 10 all-time favourite songs click HERE.

11.) Why did you create this blog?
I’m the sort of person who really enjoys having a project, like I really miss school (strange I know). But I love planning and organising and just writing about what I want. I love fashion and music and beauty and I’ve always loved reading other people’s blog so I decided to start my own. It’s nice to have my own little patch on the internet, even if no one really reads it – it’s mostly for myself, because it’s fun!

I nominate …

My Little Must Haves
Anna Liane
A Rose Guide

So I know that’s only 3, but I wanted to nominate people who I actually follow and enjoy their blogs! I’m pretty shocked that these girls have as few followers as they do. Plus a few others I wanted to nominate have already done this!

 And the questions I have for them are …
1.) How are you today?
2.) What’s your favourite colour?
3.) Tea or Coffee?
4.) Who’s your biggest inspiration?
5.) Do you have any strange talents? If yes, what are they?
6.) Would you rather have to wear the same makeup everyday or the same outfit everyday?
7.) What was the last film you saw?
8.) Favourite quote?
9.) If you could be an animal what would it be and why?
10.) What’s your favourite season and why?
11.) Why did you start your blog?

Thanks again for the nomination!
I hope you liked this post and enjoy answering my questions! x


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