Friday Night In.

So it’s not exactly a party lifestyle post, and if that’s what you’re interested in you are 100% in the wrong place.
Friday night is hardly ever a time when I feel like getting dressed up and going out until the early hours of the morning; especially not with a 10 hour shift waiting for me at 8am.
I work Tuesday – Saturday with Sunday and Monday as my weekend, so I’ve never been on board with the whole ‘TGIF’ thing. In fact, hearing people say it is quite frustrating when Saturday is actually the hardest day of your week.
So Friday night for me is when I like to just relax and spend some time with my little family.

This week, I really fancied a little bit of pampering so I decided to have a bath.
There is nothing more relaxing than soaking in the bubbles and lighting a scented candle.
So I used this Soap & Glory bath float called ‘The Daily Soothe’.
I picked this up in Boots last week, which I will be sharing with you in a Boots Haul post soon, as I mentioned in my latest Sunday Style.
Today was the first time I’d used it and, as expected, because I am a big lover of Soap & Glory products, it is incredible.
It smells heavenly and it’s this gorgeous pearly pink goo that makes your bath all bubbly and lovely! I just scooped a bit out of the pot and put it under the tap as the bath was filling.
As well as this I used my Simple Facial Wash and my Soap & Glory ‘Clean On Me’ shower gel.
The candle I lit was just a fruity, scented candle from Glade.
So as I soak and relax in my glorious-smelling bath my favourite things to do are listen to music or watch TV on my laptop or, like tonight, watch some stuff on Youtube!
Recently, I’ve really been loving to watch Gabriella’s (or VelvetGh0st) vlog channel. She made it to my list of 10 Favourite Youtubers and, as I said in that post, I’m the sort of person that will just rewatch old videos of Youtubers I like when I’m bored.
So after my bath I always put on the Soap & Glory ‘Righteous Butter’ just to make my skin feel really soft and lovely. ** I also brush my hair, which takes absolutely ages!
Does anyone else with long hair find washing it such an effort because of the time it takes to brush it afterwards?

So once I’m all clean and feeling really nice and pampered, I’ll throw on something comfy and go downstairs and sit with my boyfriend and just have a nice chat and catch up on eachother’s day and we’ll have some food.

Tonight we just went for something really simple.
Chicken & Garlic Kiev with Mediterranean couscous, courgettes, green beans and a couple of mini vegetable samosas – yummy!
It was so nice to have dinner (and to have a few greens!) and just chill out and talk because, it’s so easy these days to sit in the same room with someone but the TV will be on, or you’ll be checking your phone or on your laptop so you find that you don’t really talk as much.
So we try to make meal times a time when we just talk to eachother (and defend our food from kittens).

And then we’ll finish eating and put on a film or watch TV.
We’re particularly loving to watch Ramsay’s Hotel Hell at the moment, which I mentioned as one of my Top 10 TV Shows in my most recent blog post.

And, of course, what wild and crazy Friday evening would be complete without a good old early night?!

I’m aware that I am selling myself as what some people would call ‘boring’ but time with family is way more important to me than throwing up in a club toilet at 2am so I’m sorry if that makes me ‘uncool’.

So that is my Friday Night In!
I hope you liked this post, be sure to click like if you did and click follow if you want to see more posts like this or if you fancy this as your kind of Friday night!
What do you like to do to relax? x

** I’d also just like to add that this post is not in any way sponsored by Soap & Glory, I genuinely just really like their products!

2 thoughts on “Friday Night In.

  1. no, It doesn’t make u uncool 🙂
    In fact the love and support we get from our family always motivates us to be successful in our life.


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