10 Favourite TV Shows!

IMG_0874So this is a list that is nearly constantly changing.
I love to have a series to watch that I can feel involved in and get to know the characters. Some of these are TV Shows that will probably always be on the list, and others are ones that I am just loving watching at the moment.

1.) Friends
So I thought I’d put it first just to get it out of the way, I don’t understand how this show could not make people’s list. I love it so much, the characters are just so perfect and it’s still funny after all these years and seeing all the repeats over and over. It’s one of those shows that you can put on in the background, or when you can’t sleep or when you’re sad and you need cheering up. Friends will forever be one of my favourites.

2.) Without A Trace
So I mentioned this show in my January Favourites because I am addicted to it at the moment. I watched it years and years ago with my Mum and they recently started showing it from the very beginning again and I happened to catch one of the first episodes and got myself hooked. So I’ve series-linked that bad boy and I watch it whenever I can.

3.) Nashville
So I saw Series One of Nashville not that long ago and oh my gosh it is so good. I love country music and just music in general as you know, and watching this actually inspired me a bit which is always good. If you like music and drama and the two combined (or you’re just forever in awe of Hayden Panettiere) then go and check it out! I’m yet to see Series Two but I desperately need to!

4.) Gilmore Girls
This is definitely another one of my all-time favourites that will permanently reside on this list. It’s so quippy and funny and I pretty much just want to have their life. I 100% recommend this show.
Oh and I’m sorry but I will forever ship Rory & Jess.

5.) House
I’ve only started watching this very recently and I love it. Aside from the fact that I might be in love with Hugh Laurie, this show is so clever, funny and although I have to turn away during the TMI medical/surgery shots it is really interesting.

6.) Made in Chelsea
I know, I know, not exactly intellectual watching, but I can’t not love it. The drama, the outfits, the awkward silences, it’s so funny because it’s a little bit rubbish. Who doesn’t love a bit of melodrama once in a while?

7.) Pointless
I’m sorry but I love quiz shows, and I’m pretty sure this is the best one. I mean, who wants to watch a quiz show where you can’t join in on answering the questions? I love watching this with my boyfriend and we play along! Plus, I love that smug feeling when I get a pointless answer (it’s only happened twice).
I even bought the board game.
I also think I’ve made myself sound like the saddest person ever in 3 sentences…
But go watch it!

8.) Castle
So you may have noticed that I love detective shows. I think this show is pretty genius; it’s got the perfect amount of humour but you still get involved in the drama. The characters are spot on and I seriously can’t do it justice by describing it – just go and watch it!

9.) Gogglebox
This show is so funny. Like intense pain in your stomach muscles from laughing so much kind of funny. It’s a show that we have here in the UK where people are filmed in their homes watching TV and give their opinion on what’s happening. It is such a good idea and you need to see it!

10.) Ramsay’s Hotel Hell
Ok so, if there’s one thing I love it’s Gordon Ramsay, and the only thing better is Gordon Ramsay shouting at people. It’s pretty much what it says on the tin – Gordon goes in, shouts at Hotel owners for being rubbish and gross, and then he helps them improve their business – everybody wins!

So those are my current 10 Favourite TV Shows!

Let me know in the comments if you love any of these shows too!
Are there any TV Shows that you recommend I watch? x


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