January Favourites!

My first ever favourites post – woohoo!
So I don’t know about you but January was the quickest month ever.
I mean, it was Christmas yesterday, I swear it, and yet here we are in February!

So I’m going to go through all of my favourite bits that I have been loving this January!


First up I have been absolutely loving the Soap & Glory ‘Righteous Butter’, it is so good! I’ve always think of Soap & Glory as being at the higher end of the high street make up brands, it’s a little more pricey but all of the products are amazing!
I’ve been using this on my body as often as I can, especially on my legs after I’ve shaved as my skin tends to flare up afterwards and this stuff is really soothing.
I also use it on my hands when they are cracked and dry and it heals them up no problem, not to mention that it smells absolutely incredible.
I would highly recommended getting your hands on some of this stuff!

Next thing is the Body Shop Aloe Lip Care.
Now if you’ve seen my Boots Haul you’ll know that this was a little late to the January party, I’ve only been using it a week but oh my, what a difference a week has made! My lips were so bad before but this stuff has literally just stripped all of the dead skin off them and they now feel so moisturised and good.
If you get dry skin or chapped lips in the cold weather I recommend trying this.

I have also been loving the combination of using my Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream before bed and my Simple Moisturiser in the morning pre-makeup.
It has made my skin feel so hydrated and soft and generally just healthier!

My last beauty favourite for January is my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in ‘Amazing Grace‘.
I have been using this on my lips whenever I get a chance! It is such a beautiful shade and it feels so good on your lips. The staying power is also great, I can eat a meal and not need a touch up. It’s one from the matte lips collection, it’s quite pricey but I think it’s worth it for quality, the colour, the way it feels, plus the packaging is really pretty. I’m definitely eyeing up the other matte shades!


First fashion favourite is my Olivia Burton Watch.
I still cannot get over how gorgeous it is. It’s so classy and stylish and I wear it whenever I can.
I won’t ramble too much about it but if you haven’t seen my post about it earlier this month then click HERE

I’ve practically been living in these brown Chelsea boots from H&M this month.
They are so comfortable and I got them for £10 in the sale! I’ve worn my black chelsea boots to death so when I saw these I knew I had to get them to change it up a bit!

Another item that I got later on in January but has made it’s way onto the favourites list!
You might recognise this grey, stripy swing dress from my Missguided Haul. I love it so much!
It’s such an easy outfit to throw on and wear and I just can’t get enough of that high neck. It’s so comfortable and I just feel confident in it, which is really unusual for me because I am not a dress-wearing kind of girl, so it just had to make the list!


So this might seem like a strange one, but I’ve put bananas in my January favourites…
Right so, I’ve always hated bananas, like you don’t understand how much I have despised them and thought they were disgusting for nearly my whole life.
But now, I love them. I eat at least one banana a day now, on it’s own, with some yoghurt or on a bagel with cream cheese, I literally cannot get enough!
It’s so strange! I’ve heard of tastes changing, and it has happened to me before but this is one of those that I never in a million years thought I would come around to, but it’s happened. What’s next – mushrooms? *shivers*

 I have recently been 100% addicted to watching Without A Trace.
It’s a programme about FBI agents who search for missing people in New York and I just can’t enough. I used to watch this with my mum years ago, I loved it then and I’ve recently got back into it because they started showing it from Series 1 on TV. So I set it all to record and I’ve been binge-watching them whenever I get a chance. It’s quite old now but ahh it’s just so good! 
If you like the kind of mystery drama thing then give it a go!

So the last thing I have been loving this month is my tea maker.
No, that’s not just a name I have for my boyfriend, it’s a machine! It’s like the ones they have for coffee, but for tea (duh! Great explanation..)
So we set it up the night before by adding tea leaves and water, and put in the time we want out tea for. In the morning a little beeper will go off to tell us our tea is ready and waiting for us to drink downstairs – a definite incentive to get out of bed! It also has a ‘keep warm’ setting though, just in case you accidentally hit snooze a few too many times like I do!
I think it’s just such a good invention, we use it nearly everyday. You can adjust the settings for type of tea, tea strength etc.
Ahh the wonders of technology!

So that’s it for my January Favourites!

Be sure to let me know in the comments what you’ve been loving this month!
Did any of my favourites pop up on your list too?



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