Sunday Style #4 – Casual Sunday OOTD

After being rudely awoken at 8am this morning to the sound of a plate smashing on the kitchen floor (thanks Phoebe), I decided to get up and get a few things done.
After clearing up the mess, I made myself a banana & cream cheese bagel and a cup of tea, before getting dressed and ready.
I quickly popped to the shops and then did a bit of pottering around the house tidying and cleaning; ah the joys of being a home-owner!

So as it was going to be one of those non-descript, casual Sundays where I don’t really have any plans I went for an outfit that was comfortable with a statement necklace for an added pop.
I’m still really loving my high neck tops, and if you saw my Missguided Haul you will recognise this one!
I felt a bit like it was missing something, so I added this pastel and bronze statement necklace on top – I can’t really remember where it’s from as I got it a while ago but I’ve got a feeling it might be from Topshop.
I’ve then got on my Topshop ‘Jamie’ Jeans, a belt from Next and my brown H&M chelsea boots which I am absolutely loving at the moment!
For my make-up I went for a natural look with a nude lip in Rimmel Kate Moss 101. I also made my first use of the Soap & Glory ‘Lid Stuff’ that I picked up in my Boots Haul earlier in the week.
Try not to judge me too harshly, I think this is my first attempt at eyeshadow since the days of bright blue Barry M dazzle dust – late to the party much?!
So I kept it pretty simple, neutral and nude for a chilled out day! IMG_0841When I popped out I just threw on this khaki quilted coat that I got from Bank a few years ago, and I still really like it as a casual, throw-on jacket. I also grabbed my handbag, this one is from Zara.
It’s a gorgeous plum-purple shade barrel bag and a perfect size to fit all my stuff in. I don’t really like to put bags on my shoulder, I tend to carry them in the crook of my arm so I’ve attached the longer across-the-body strap.

So I hope you liked my casual Sunday style!
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Oh and I mentioned a few times that I ‘popped to the shops’, and of course, one of those shops did happen to be Boots. Once again, I may have picked up a few things so there might be another small haul post coming soon.
IMG_0838 Let me know if you’d like to see that!
I think Phoebe the kitten does! x


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