My Top 10 Youtubers!

For this weeks 10 Things I thought I would talk about my 10 favourite Youtubers!

This is going to be a mix of all video genres from beauty to music to comedy etc.
So, in no particular order:

1.) Victoria AKA Inthefrow
Victoria is a style, life and beauty Youtuber and Blogger.
I’m completely head over heels for her fashion sense, her makeup knowledge and her purple hair (I wish I could pull the look off!).
She ultimately inspired me to start my blog, in fact!
It’s obvious that she puts a lot of work into both her videos and her blog so I would 110% recommend checking her out.

You can find her latest video HERE
And my Top Pick of her videos HERE

2.) Estée AKA EssieButton
Estée is a charming, down-to-earth beauty blogger, originally from Canada but residing in the UK. She is so honest, funny and watchable.
Her blog and Youtube channel are definitely worth a look, and she has a cute dog (definite bonus!)

You can find her latest video HERE
My Top Pick of her videos HERE

3.) Kina Grannis
I’ve mentioned her before, and this won’t be the last time either!
Her music is amazing and it’s all thanks to the support she’s gained from starting her Youtube that she’s where she is now.
She made my list of inspirational musicians in my Music Monday #1 post AND was included in my 10 Favourite Songs.

Watch her latest video HERE
See my Top Pick of her videos HERE

4.) Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella
She was bound to make the list. I think she was the first beauty/fashion Youtube channel I came across, back in the days when I thought Youtube was just for music; very naive I know!
She’s bubbly and chatty and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
I’d be pretty surprised if you haven’t heard of her!

See her latest video HERE
My Top Pick HERE

5.) Jenna Marbles
If you’re looking for a laugh then go and look at Jenna’s Youtube.
Her videos are hilarious and so relatable, not to mention her adorable dogs!

See her latest video HERE
And my Top Pick HERE

6.) Gabriella Lindley AKA velvetgh0st
I love this girl’s personality, she has such a good sense of humour. Her videos make me want to be her friend. She has an incredible singing voice as well as a great Youtube and Blog.

See her latest video HERE
Watch my Top Pick of her videos HERE

7.) Daniela Andrade
Yet another musician who made my Music Monday #1 inspirational artists. Her voice is so incredible so go look at her Youtube because her covers and her originals are so good and such an inspiration.

Watch her latest video HERE
My Top Pick is HERE

8.) Louise AKA Sprinkle of Glitter
A beauty, fashion and life Youtube channel hosted by a bubbly, yummy Mummy with potentially the cutest little girl ever (Baby Glitter!).
Her cheerfulness is infectious!

See her latest video HERE
And my Top Pick HERE

9.) Joe Sugg AKA Thatcher Joe
The only boy to make the list – definitely not intentional but an achievement all the same! His Youtube videos are so entertaining, great for a laugh and his facial expressions are pretty memorable.

See his latest video HERE
Watch my Top Pick HERE

10.) Lucy & Lydia
These twins are just so sweet, I can’t get enough of their Youtube.
I was always wishing I had a twin when I was growing up and watching these girls has made me wish it again! They are so charismatic and funny and it’s amazing how they actually seem to have a twin connection and say the same thing at the same time.

See their latest video HERE
And watch my Top Pick of their videos HERE

So those were my Top 10 Youtubers!
Obviously they are not the only Youtubers I watch, I am subscribed to so many and there are so many other great channels out there!
These are what I’d say were my go-to channels – the ones I will re-watch old videos of when I’m bored, or get excited about when I see they’ve posted something new.

Make sure you check out all of their Youtube channels if you haven’t already!

I hope you liked this weeks post!
I’ll be back next Thursday with another 10 Things! x


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