10 Favourite Fashion Stores.

This week’s 10 Things Thursday is clothing related because everyone seems to love that kind of thing.
So here are my 10 Favourite Fashion Stores (online included):

topshop 1.) I never struggle to find things in Topshop, they always have a great selection of good quality stuff. The jeans there are so so good they are my favourite make of jeans, the only downside is that because I’m an in-between size I always have to buy them slightly too big or too small – bit annoying! But I can get over having to wear a belt for their jeans!

ri2.) River Island is just so good for shoes and accessories, I cannot walk past without high chance of buying a scarf or a pair of heeled ankle boots.

boux3.) I lovelovelove Boux Avenue! Their pyjamas are amazing; from warm, soft and snuggly to something a bit more elegant. They also do beautiful undies with gorgeous patterns and fabrics for all sizes – not something a lot of places do!

zara4.) It’s always hard to find stuff in Zara, there’s a lot of wading through overpriced basics and the odd wacky number but when Zara gets it right, they get it really right. I would definitely recommend checking out their knitwear.

asos5.) Asos is one of the biggest online clothing retailers in my eyes – if Asos doesn’t have something it must be hard to come by! They have a bit of everything at some fairly reasonable prices. It’s also nice to get a mix of designer and high street so you can compare.

selfridges6.) Ok so, this is me living in a little dream world. I don’t shop here often, in fact hardly ever. I mostly just wander up to the Mac and Charlotte Tilbury counters every now and then, maybe buy a thing or two and then mooch around the top floor wishing I could afford a Valentino handbag. But Selfridges is great if you want to get someone a luxury gift or if you feel really naughty and finally spring for the Marc Jacobs purse. Mostly I just like to walk around pretending I can afford everything but just choose not to buy anything.

new look7.) When I was younger, New Look was always a bit hit and miss, but over the last few years it has got really good. Before Christmas I genuinely had to restrain myself from buying the whole shop, it was all so on point. The only problem I have with New Look is that a lot of people seem to have their stuff – which is good for them, but not great for avoiding an outfit clash with your friend.

ted baker8.) I don’t even know where to start or what to say. Everything is just so beautiful! It is quite pricey but it’s all such good quality and gorgeous designs. If you want an item that lasts and will give you a lot of wear then you need to pay a bit more, and Ted Baker is the place to go for that.

h&m9.) I go to H&M mainly for basics, they do them really well. It’s pretty inexpensive so you can pick up everything you need without breaking the bank. Plus, they do my real jeans size (which Topshop don’t do). Their jeans aren’t as good as Topshop but at least they fit right!

missguided10.) I’ve got to be honest, I have never shopped at Missguided before this week. I would never have thought it would make this list, but it has really stepped up recently. I’ve accidentally ordered a few things from there and I’m going to be doing a haul/lookbook for my Style Sunday this week – yay!

So there we go, my 10 Favourite Fashion Stores!
I hope you liked this post and that maybe it gave you an insight into some good shops to try if you’re looking for something in particular.

See you next week for another 1o Things! (:


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