Music Monday #2 – Writer’s Block

DSC_2043For a while now I’ve had a bad case of the dreaded writer’s block.
It’s the result of working 50 hour weeks and using most of my free time sleeping or spending time with people; not leaving any time for music.
I hate that.
Obviously my rest and socialisation should come first. I’m not saying I’m giving these things up to fuel my musical ambition, but I’ve become more aware of times when I could be working on something and have chosen to fuel my ‘Without A Trace’ obsession instead.
Aside from that I find that when I do sit down to work on something I just can’t focus.

Sometimes all I have for weeks, months even, is just a lyric or a part of a melody. It all seems like a lost cause but I just have to remind myself that writing was never supposed to feel like work.
I realise now that it hasn’t been working because I’ve been so worried that I’m not making progress, or I’m too busy counting how many finished songs I have and thinking the number isn’t high enough.
So I’ve taken a step back and a deep breath.

I’ve found that by not over-thinking things I’ve accomplished more.
Some of my best stuff was written spontaneously or whilst I was at my most relaxed.


I’ve taken to curling up with a blanket, pen and paper at the ready and cup of tea in hand. If I get stuck I listen to music for inspiration; my go-to choice at the moment is Kina Grannis, her album ‘Elements‘ is so perfect.

So I’m gradually working on more stuff and starting to enjoy it again.
The worry that it will never come to anything is always going to be there, but I’m more aware that it doesn’t really matter, ultimately writing and singing is for my own enjoyment.
And I’m ok with that.


Next week I’m hoping to be back with a new cover!
In the meantime check out my Youtube and Soundcloud!


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